Petaluma Eye Care Optometric Associates is a family oriented optometry office, having offered a full range of professional vision and ophthalmic services for over 40 years in Sonoma County. We provide comprehensive vision exams with an emphasis on prevention and improvement. Specialties include the treatment of eye infections, dry eyes and eye injuries as well as eye disease management such as diabetes and gluacoma  and developmental vision exams for children with vision-related learning problems. Optometric Vision Therapy programs provide treatment options for these vision problems, as well as for amblyopia, strabismus and convergence insufficiency.

Our practice utilizes the most up-to-date, computerized technology in vision care, offering the highest quality ophthalmic products, contact lenses and a full selection of eyewear for the whole family. We fit all types of soft and rigid contact lenses, special eyeglass lenses to solve computer-related eye strain, and Laser Vision surgery co-management services.

We proudly offer you quality vision care in a friendly, comfortable and professional environment. With our experience, knowledge and commitment, we strive to provide the best possible eye care for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you and solving your vision needs.

Ron Harris, OD, FAAO
Eliot Kaplan, OD, Developmental Vision Therapist
Michaela Chavez, OD

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